Crump Family


Retired from SWRMC at SWRMC

Worked at Sentara Williamsburg Regional Medical Center

Studied Registered Nurse at TNCC
Class of 1986
Associate Degree in Nursing, RN.

High School
Went to New Kent County High
Class of 1974
birthday: 12/10/1955
Places Lived

Barhamsville, Virginia
Current City

Barhamsville, Virginia

Croaker, Virginia
Moved in 1980

Our kittens are now adult cats! Bittersweet. Jack is 11lbs, 4oz and Jill is 8lbs, 9oz. They grow up so fast!! Still playful and loving. We will celebrate 10/10/13 as their adopt BD. I can't tell you how many times i have laughed just watching them play. Good medicine. Jack and Jill have trained Eric and Art to get toys they scoot under things--too funny. Love my cats!!